What's your schedule?

As of 1st of May 6:15am Hit snooze button 6:30am Actually wake up 6:45am Do one hour study 7:45am leave for work 5:45pm Do 1.5hrs of study at work 8:00pm Arrive home, have a quick bat then shower 8:30pm Do one hour study 9:30pm Eat 4th meal of the day 10:15pm Try to do one more hour of study 11:15pm Prepare for Bed 11:30pm browse through 9gag on iPhone then start sleeping Do this Monday, Wednesday and Thursday… Tuesday and Friday I go to the gym so I lose 1.5hrs of my day! Friday nights I usually take it easy since I go hard on chest day!! I stopped going to church on Sundays… Since 4hrs of my day can be better spent revising rather than singing songs, giving large offerings and praying earnestly to God. What’s your schedule?

what no throne time?

Here is mine:

8:45 - Get in bed because I know it will take hours of staring at the ceiling to fall asleep

9:45 - still staring at the ceiling

10:45 - ceiling

11:45 - side of room

12:45 - in fetal position crying wishing I could sleep

1:45 - thinking about failing because despite being prepared I am retarded when I’ve had no sleep

2:15 - ripping the clock out of the wall and throwing it down the hallway

2:45 - imagining it 3:30 and freaking out but refusing to go get the clock and find out

3:30 - 6:45 - intermittent sleep that is broken up every 45 minutes from waking up in a panic

7:00 - Planning on how to pass next year as I drive to the nearest coffee house to caffeine overdose.

8:00am - At Work

12:00pm - Study for an hour during lunch

5:30pm - Leave work

7:30 - 10:30pm - Study

12:00am - Go to sleep, but I’ve been getting some shitty sleep, waking up couple of times during the night thinking about different topics on the exam.

eat, sleep and shat this bad boy…30 days left - LET’S DO THIS!!


MarkCfail: Maybe you need some zannies or sleeping meds maaan…

Try to have more sleeping time and dream to study early in the morning…

^ :smiley:

Study plan last week:

8:45 am wake up

9:15 off to work

6:30 leave work

7:00 prepare dinner and enjoy it with gf

9:00 watch a movie or go for a late night run

11:30 to 12 - glance at cfa material…

Study Plan this week to June:

7:00pm leave work (getting busier) and grab a quick bite on the way home

7:30 to 12:00 study my ass off at a 24h coffee shop

Life has gotten tough --> first world problems

hey … i know how you feel… i experienced it over the past few years especially in the final month before exam. but it seems it wont help me on my exam so this year i try to relax! afterall, failing an exam is not the end of the world…

but it’s my second attempt now wink

my schedule:

5:45: leave home

7: quick breakfast

7:20: work

12: lunch, glance some notes


5: off work

7: dinner

830: tv drama for an hr

930: try to read sthg till sleepy

10:30 bed