What's your study plan for the remaining 90 days?

Title says it all :smiley:

i’ll finish my re-read of books on the 15th of march, and all time left will be used for practice exams and read only to secret sauce :smiley:

I’ve completed the CFAI readings with all blue boxes and EOCs, and am just finishing up my read through of Schweser (did 2 full mocks in between)…building my anki flash card deck (ongoing process) and drilling that a couple days a week.

My plan once I finish the Schweser read through is to concentrate on doing as many mocks as I can get my hands on, interspersed with running through the Finquiz Smart Summaries and the L3 notes from www.gostudy.io

im hoping the mock, mark, focused study, repeat approach will get me through.

I have read the CFAI text. I have NOT done all the EOCs. I did the Topic tests. I did 6 PM Mocks from Schweser, and my score improved from 40% to around 65%. My timing sucked though, as did my stamina.

I will move along to AM Mocks now, and have the mocks guide me to the areas that I need to improve on. I will repeat this process as often as I can. A minimum of 6 mocks before the last month is what I am aiming at.

I am reading schweser and simulatenously practising few PM questions, but not at full strech of 3 hours. Would focus on AM question or the blue boxes of the CFA book.

I’m not sure if you guys have jobs, sorry, considering your pace. I’m still on my first pass reading Schweser (almost done), and plan to crack the EOCs soon, along with the second pass.

I’m leavings ethics, GIPS, and mocks for May. Anyone with me?

I want to finish reading CFA curriculum by end of March. Then I’m going to finish answering AM portion of 2009 and 2010 exams (not timing myself for these, just trying to answer correctly), finish EOC problems and topic tests. Do 2011-2015 AM timed on weekends. Do CFA mock exam and do CFA Society mock exam at end of April.

Good luck to all. Regardless of result, we should all be proud of ourselves for trying.