What's your weakness?

I am going through my notes and trying to get down the areas I don’t know so well. I figured if we all posted what our weaknesses are it might spark ideas of topics to study because I’m sure some of them apply to most of us. I’ll start with a few: VWAP risk ratios (msquared, sortino, treynor, etc. I want to be able to explain these well) performance attribution - micro and macro. something else i want to be a lay-up if i see it on the exam review instl IPS’s. obviously important, need to know this very well. GIPS What are you studying?

GIPS Ethics performance attribution IPS

Ethics Corporate Governance 2 bond hedge - I have no clue what that is Macro attribution


Lack of attention to details in question

Fixed Income, Fixed Income… Then Performance Attribution

ditto on details… behavioral finance… yet I think it will be easier than on schweser, don’t ask me why… resampled efficient frontier… currencies…

IPS - individual and institution oh and writing

Women oh yeah, and a few other things like GIPS, Ethics, Option payoffs, and writing lists and explaining them…

for some reason i keep scoring poorly on fixed income. strange considering i manage bond accounts. :slight_smile:

IPS Especially the general ones with almost no specific information at all/no calculations

I plan to do another 1 or 2 papers, but in terms of specifics… Plan to review Private Equity / Real Estate sections of GIPS on Friday. Will review Corporate Governance then too, as that kind of detail is difficult to make stick. Otherwise, I plan to memorise all the standardised details you can throw into the institutional IPS I plan to revise the risk stuff in SS12 - make sure I can write succinct sentences about the different risks and so forth. Option strategies - sometimes I forget (or lose confidence) on what’s what? I wasn’t sure about the collar recently, which is worrying. Ethics will be Saturday morning, because the first few questions I do (before I get into the mindset), I always make more mistakes than average.

FI FI FI… I scored 50% for all the FI in sample 1 & 2. Sample1 Q8 : Debt of a company can be modeled as a long position in a risk-free bond and a short position in a put option. For the risk-free bond, does it map to the interest part, and put option maps to the final principal? The one who gets the loan has the option to pay or not to pay the principal? I never heard of this kind of thing, even i chose the right answer.

too much time on AF …and SS 1-18. other than that, I’m good.

I’m paranoid about everything.

jamespucyk Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m paranoid about everything. that means you know MDietz Tax stuff. Care to share :)?

There is tax stuff for Mdietz

don’t even look at that question… i will solve that after I finish the internet

Blamey Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > There is tax stuff for Mdietz I wouldn’t worry about that since it is not in the LOSs.

mac and cheese :slight_smile: