What's your Zodiac Sign?

I recently started doing research on zodiac signs/astrology and found it to be surprisingly accurate. I’m a Virgo and the description fits me almost to a tee. Also most of the virgos I know do have similar characteristics. I’m very analytical and emotionally detached. Some people say that I’m cold but its not that, I just have a mind over heart kind of mentality.

Virgos tend to think a lot, be highly critical of themselves & others, and have sort of a perfectionist attitude. But hey, according to Forbes…more members of the worlds billionaires are Virgos than any other sign. Including Mr. Buffett himself. http://www.forbes.com/2006/03/28/billionaires-horoscope-astrology-cz_lk_0328billyhoroscopes.html

What is your sign and do you think it describes you in any way?

Astrology is based on the idea that everything revolves around the earth, not about the sun, nor about the center of the Milky Way, nor about the center of the universe.

While Einstein demonstrated that any of these viewpoints is valid, from the geocentric viewpoint the stars in the Zodiac move in very erratic patterns, inconsistent with the assumptions of astrology.

Note, however, that my sign in Sagittarius; Sagittarians are known for their disbelief in astrology.

I believe in it when it comes to general descriptions but not the day to day crap you read in the papers.

While we are at it, why don’t we discuss which Sex in the City character each of us is most like?


I apparently share ohai’s view of not believing in astrology. On my way to the airport I was unlucky enough to get stuck in a cab with some guy who excitedly told me had a stock market trading strategy based on astrology that I should try. No.

“Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.” J.P. Morgan

Here in India astrology is of 2 main types. One based on sun sign and another based on moon sign. both are similar in one aspect, the names of zodiac signs but rest is different for example by DOB is 8th feb. Now my sun sign is Aquarius but moonsign is Leo.

Most of the traditional astrology is moon sign based. Unfortunately most of the astrologers are not good. The best among them are mostly those who will meet you through someone they know and they do not charge for their services and are virtualy unknown outside their circle. such astrologers are very few and never advertise.The rest are wannabes who feed on greed and fear.

I personally know one who is very good. doesn’t charge a penny. has since retired.astrology started as a hobby for him. the best indicator i found was in your first meeting he will, looking at your horoscope, tell you in detail about your past. stuff no one but you would know. He never claimed to have a magic cure for your problems and was forthright in saying some issues in your life have no solution but you can mitigate others by taking certain precautions etc.

“some issues in your life have no solution but you can mitigate others by taking certain precautions etc.”

What “issues” are these?

Believing in astrology or giving the impression that one believes in astrology should be an ethics violation.

Wear a condom.

Didn’t need to look to the sky to tell you that, BTW.

Earv - Have you also looked at the descriptions for the other signs? If so, didn’t you find them to be equally accurate when applied to you?

I have looked at the descriptions for other signs and no I didn’t find them to be equally accurate. I’m not saying astrology is the answer to all of life’s problems…trust me I’m the biggest skeptic in the world.

But I just found it interesting how some of my complex qualities were explained through the description of a Virgo. I’m still wondering if its all BS but it seemed quite accurate to me.

Interesting. I’m a Cancer (in more ways than 1, I’m sure) and also found the description to be amazingly accurate. When I looked at other signs though, I also found many of them to be amazingly accurate for me.

I’m a cancer and I think it’s accurate description as a whole. I think the general concepts are good, but the horoscopes in the papers each day make no sense.

Like WB said, “I quit believing in charts when I realized that when I turned them upside down, I got the same answer.” (paraphrased

Do astrology signs and readings apply to companies and the dates they were incorporated? Regardless, y’all think there would there be a market for those types of reports and readings?

I’m a virgo too.