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Just had a quick chat with a buddy that’s applying to b-school this fall. We both work at the same place and pursuing the CFA charter. Except, today he said he’s done with finance. He has no passion for it. He’s dropping the CFA path, and hoping that b-school will help him figure it out. The guy is smart and I’m sure he’ll get into a top 10 US b-school no problem. But, the convo got me thinking…is finance my cup of tea? Do I have a # that I’m working towards to finally leave? I’m not sure. I can tell you that I enjoy my job at times, but I’m not in love with it. Maybe if I was doing it at an asset manager and having an impact on someone’s life (return, retirement, etc)…but I’m not. I do work that it’ll be in the trash in 3 months. Do you guys have an end goal that’s not finance related? If so, how do you think a finance job will help you get there? I know a lot of people want to be a PM…but not everyone is going to make it. So what’s plan B? -“Hopelessly confused” sjv1030


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I’d like to move into a role at a college endowment or non-profit in the future. While I like the buy-side, in the private sector it is quite demanding on your time and I do not think I want to live my current schedule for a lifetime. I didn’t start my career in finance, so I am completely comforable switching roles in the industry or even careers in the future. It is a lucky person who knows exactly what they want to do, pursues it and finds fulfillment from the work itself. For me, I tend to enjoy things for a while and eventualy tire of them. I would never want to completely retire, either.

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Good question. My goal is to accumulate however many millions of dollars it takes to live off of indefinitely without working. I haven’t really thought of what I would do after that.

I’d like to get involved with a non-profit, managing assets and helping allocate those to various worthwhile causes. Basically, a similar investing role but with an operating aspect as well. I helped a charity do that on a small scale after graduating college, and it’s amazing how far even a little money can go toward making a big difference. In a best case scenario, I’d love to have enough of my own capital to set up such a foundation.

i’d like to have enough money to buyout the fenway sports group and dismantle it. that or buy the oakland raiders. i could go either way.

Depends on my age, life situation at the time, etc. Right now, single, I would be tempted at $2MM to just cash out and live / travel in south America and southeast Asia doing outdoor adventure sports. $5mm would be a more reasonable number. If my future earnings prospective was significant I’d be tempted to stick around for more cushion. If I was 50, I’d take the 2mm and run w/out batting an eye

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sjv1030 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do you guys have an end goal that’s not finance > related? Isn’t everything pretty much finance related? :slight_smile: My goal is to strengthen and increase world gdp so that poorer nations standard of living is increased. We are only as strong as our weakest link (aka country) in this world.

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