WhatsApp lynch mobs


"At least 20 individuals have been lynched or beaten to death in incidents across India, where rumours on WhatsApp have inspired vigilante mobs to swarm visitors accused of being child kidnappers. Dozens more have been injured in similar attacks.

Outsiders have been targeted for handing out candy, stopping to ask for directions, speaking the local minority language and talking to children, according to police."

“The latest attack occurred on Friday in the southern state of Karnataka, where hundreds of people attacked four men, lynching one and severely injuring the other three.”

Huh, so mobs are getting worked up about WhatsApp and just go out to lynch people? What happened to the good old days when old fashioned gangrape was enough?

tank is wut happened

After years of being accused of being a backwards country I’m glad to see them finally show everyone WhatsApp.

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