When applying for internal positions....

Can you send your resume directly to the hiring manager, if their names are listed?

Not only would I email them directly – but I would also only formally apply as the final step when you already have a sense for your standing as a candidate (since your manager will likely be notified of your application).

No way…How would the manager be notified if you apply for a position? There is no such policy in my company. Well, I guess it depends on the company.

What about if they don’t get back to you? They could be either not interested or too busy, and there is no way you can tell. Not sure if they would like to be harrassed by emails like that…

i think your mgr is only notified when you are a serious candidate after an interview or 2

That’s the main party line, but managers are fully able to read and see all your email. If they wanted to know, they will know.

this is the case in alot of companies.

Serious? Managers can read and see all my emails? I thought only compliance can do that…

Yeah, they can. When i used to work for a boutique investment bank J.T. Marlin, i used to print out all email communications for the day and then would have fun going over it with my gf

Well, then what’s the difference if I apply for the position or email to the hiring manager before I apply? Either way the manager can find out.

I thought talking to the hiring manager directly would be more effiecient in bringing to his attention,but not sure if this is the right way doing it…

I once worked for a company called soldman backs, and the team I was on had 2 summer interns. Both were told by HR, their manager would only be notified if they applied to transfer and got through a few interviews and it became serious.

Weeks later, both interns had applied to other depts, and without getting a single call or interview, one of the VP’s on the team went up to both and called them out : saying what are you guys doing applying for transfer ?

Well, mine was a joke, but this doesn’t look like it. No one reads emails. VP was probably told by other MD/VP

In my company you have to apply through the internal careers site, and then the requisite HR and managers are notified.

How shall I phrase the email to the hiring manager? I don’t do this a lot so if anyone has any related experience and would like to share it will be much appreciated.

Yes! Actally, the BEST way is for you to have already worked with the hiring manager from your current position on a project, talked to them a lot, become allies, and for the hiring process to be nothing more than a formality. I’ve been in this situation before, they interview a couple of candidates just so it looks like they are being objective, and then hire you.

id like to hear numi chime in on this

Yes,that would be the best scenerio, but I haven’t been that lucky so far to have the opportunities to work with the department that I want to get into.

Yes,that would be the best scenerio, but I haven’t been that lucky so far to have the opportunities to work with the department that I want to get into.


I would always recommend this. Always go for the path of least resistance.

what is ok/not ok to ask the hiring mgr?