When are Sept. Level 2 results going to be released?

For some reason, I have October 29th in my mind…Is that the release date?

Yes, according to the CAIA October 2012 newsletter.

Are they likely to be available the day before like level 1 ?

i will be suprised if i passed… just had bad exam execution… wasnt confortable at the testing center and time ran out before i could fill in some blanks.

Results are out !!! I passed and so pleased :slight_smile:

Likewise, very happy to have this behind me!

I passed !! Just glad to get that all out of the way now.

Pass me a beer ! :slight_smile:

just a few hours ago… im happy… wann hit the gym today… was puttin on weight as i just study…:slight_smile:

Congrats to you all. I passed as well, and am pleased to be able to add the CAIA designation to the CFA and FRM!

Passed level 2! congrats to everyone that passed. yes

Anyone else notice a typo in the score report? (“Integraded”, rather than “integrated”)

Makes me a little sad.

haha yeah, I noticed that.

Contratulations to all who passed.

Most of you will likely be leaving this board, so maybe you could give us a feedback on L2 (what material you used, the time you studied, what was tricky, did you pass on the first attempt …)

Will you apply for the Charter and what will you be doing with your CAIA title?

Any feedback is very much appreciated,

thanks & good luck,


what was the pass rate for level 2?

I used the CAIA textbook for Level 1, and that was pretty good. Probably spent about 150 hours for Level1

I used Schweser for Level 2, and that was a better choice than the textbooks. Would recommend Schweser. Spent 150-200 hours for Level 2.

Passed both levels on the first try.

I am going into Oil & Gas equity research, and do not have the work experience yet to use the charter. Will likely use the charter if my employer will pay for me to use it.