When are we allowed to use the designation?

does anyone know when we are officially allowed to use the designation? Passed the exam, have been accepted into the global/lobal society, submitted my PCS and JUST paid dues. I’m assuming payment hasn’t been processed yet since I do not show up in the directory, but do we get any sort of official notice when we are able to use designation?

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One tangential question I have is: between passing L3 and getting your charter, what is the proper way to refer to your participation in the program? Are we still L3 candidates until we get our charter? Is there a special term for our status?

You are no longer a Level 3 candidate.

For now, you can only state that you passed the CFA Level 3 exam.

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I Have the same question, I have been approved in the membership and also in the CFA Society, dont have any guidance on when can I use the CFA designation

CFA designation can be used by charterholders when the dues have been paid to the CFA Institute and when you are not subject to any Professional Conduct violations. Further more make sure that your rights to use the CFA designation have not been suspended or cancelled.