When can I register for 2016 June exam?

According to last year’s exam related dates, 2015 exam registration opened in july 2014. Its already july…why can’t i see june 2016 yet on the website? Do i need to log in from my cfa account to see it?

I am going for level 2 in June 2016.

The link should be up a day after the release of the result.

Be patient…let us fail first…then you can register for 2016 L2 angry

9am EST on July 29th you can register according to the email I recieved today.

Just start studying right now? Do some mock exams.

Take a chill pill man. It’s still July for God’s sake.

Don’t start too early. Start in September/October.


There is no such thing as starting _ too _ early.

Tell that to my girlfriend. Foreplay? Zzz.



You need to log in and update your profile if you were still in your last year of school for level 1.