When can I use the designation?

Hi All,

Just passed the exam and I am a regular member (everything approved). When will I receive an email stating that I can use the designation?


When I got my charter, I don’t remember getting an email saying that you can use it, but I do remember the CFA directory updated my name with the designation a few hours after I got my results.

The CFAI website already shows “CFA” after my name (just passed today), but I sent them an email just to double check before I update any public profiles.

It’s certainly good to email them to be certain, but I’m quite sure that if you see CFA after your name in the member directory you’re good to go.

We should receive badges as well soon.

How long does CFA take to review your membership application once submitted?

Also, can you use the charter designation once the membership is approved given I have passed level 3?