When can we expect the results for the CFA Exam?

When can we expect the results for the CFA Exam?

Around 8/14

8 weeks after 6/23 would actually be 8/18 which would argue the first Tuesday after that is 8/21 - which is my guess.

Some say 8/14 but I think they are gonna use the full 8 weeks for this year :frowning:

2019 registration starts from mid of August. It should be after 2018 exam results came out. So 8/14 is reasonable guess.

Usually they post results on the 8th week, so it might be 8/14.

The wait for L1 results seem like it took forever… this wait for L2 results seems to be very fast… 2 weeks flew by already!

well it must be a L1 thing then because I do feel like it’s been too long waiting already!

Ok thanks. I’m going on vacation the week of 08/14 so I really hope it will be 08/21…

You want to make us all wait an extra week because of your silly vacation!!! Get some wifi and click on the email on 8/14 :slight_smile:

As the registration for the CFA Exams opens in “Mid-August” as per CFA Institute website, which means the results should be out by Tuesday 14th August 2018.

It’s not a wifi issue, it’s more the fact that I could have failed the exam and I don’t want it to ruin my trip… but I agree the earlier the better

I’d quantify the added utility to your life from learning you passed the exam on vacation to heavily outweigh the dis-utility it would bring your life from learning you failed on vacation. Therefore, your best option is to open that email.

You have any idea what kind of bottles you’d be popping if you found out you passed?

Just assuming same timing from L1 in December, 8/14 would be the date

So much for being a secular institution…

Yes I saw that last month. They want to get more $$$ by making the test available to more students…

I wonder if that means they will have multiple versions of the same test so that a tester from saturday can’t tell the sunday takers the questions.

what if your client wants a deal done on your religious day are you gonna ask for an alternate date too?? As an investor I would wanna know that I can count on my manager at ANY time.

Then you should hire a manager that already holds a CFA.

I will be by the beach on the Atlantic coast in France so I’ll probably destroy my credit card regardless if I pass or if I don’t ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You can ask the CFA Institute. it is always 8 weeks, meaning that this year the results for Level 1 and Level 2 would come in the week 13-17 August. I checked when the results in the last 2 previous years came out and it was indeed 100% consistent, i.e., early 8th week after exam day.