When did u start ur reading??

When did you all start your prep & where do you stand now… do share your study plan… I started in mid of October '07… Right now in SS12, Reading 50… Just reading Schweser notes and doing concept checkers… I am planning to finish by March end and then spend 2 months on whole lot of practice & review… so far have spent 100 hours approx…

Started in Dec. Got FSA left. Hope be to be banging out Qbank and practice exams only by late march.

started in October not bothering counting the hours spent stuck on study session 16. Schweser decided to start complimenting with cfa notes

February 1, 2008. Currently, finishing CFA book 1, SS3. My plan is to finish with SSs by the end of April, and than a month of review and cca 3 CFAI practice exams. Counting study hours - Why bother? Milos

I did ethics and couple of quant readings back in November, and then didn’t do anything until mid January. Currently I am on SS6 and think I am a bit behind…

Started in September, read all 6 books by December, and now I’m re-reading everything. I’m already on book 4 again. I will be starting Q-Bank later this month.

started from 9th feb,First read… started FSA from schweser and have finished SS 7 and 8 so far… long way to go… Am working so have to manage all on weekends…great luck to all .

hi gdiddy, after reading all 6 books the first time around, how much did you retain/ remember? Did you forget pretty much everything? I know you are going at it the 2nd time around…i’m sure the 2nd time around helps a lot more right?

oofoodoo, The first time around I didn’t retain much. But that’s to be expected. Reading and studying are not one and the same. The key is to familiarize yourself with the topics, i.e. be able to explain to yourself all the examples and all the logic and intuition. Once you pass that hurdle, then retention becomes the remaining obstacle. I’m already half-way through book 5, and I expect to have book 6 completed again by next week. By then, I’ll be purchasing Q-Bank and taking practice exams. I’m not sure how prepared I am at this point (I have yet to try a practice test). I plan on doing a third round of reading, but this time around focusing on weak areas. For instance, there’s no need to repeat TVM and certain chapters in economics. And, contrary to what most people here recommend, I’m not too driven by the LOSs: it’s like peering into a room through the lens on a door. Just walk into that room and understand as much as you can. For those that don’t have the time to do repeat readings, I suggest that you at least use a highlighter and pen to write in the margins. Be as active as you can in your reading; you don’t want to go back and review pages that look like they’ve never been read. -g

gdiddy, Are you reading the CFAI texts or the Schweser? Reading the CFAI texts for the 2nd time around is indeed a great deal, considering the amount of time it takes to jus read it even one time…

gdiddy, i am impressed…you are moving through your readings extremely fast. thanks for the advice, greatly appreciated.

Started back in september with FSA (CFAI book) but then after that i moved to schweser. I’ve read all the material once and now i’m going through it a second time while i make notes on bristol boards to hang on my wall (very helpful for retention). I also bought the schweser video cd’s which i find very helpful too. I plan on focusing more on questions by mid april and start practice exams by early May.

finfan, I’m reading the CFAi texts. One thing I’ve learned in life is to never take anything for granted. It’s better to overestimate than underestimate. Also, being proficient with the BA-II helps out a lot. One of my buddies at work just purchased his BA-II for the June Exam–he’s never owned a financial calculator. I told him he better hurry up and get acquainted with the device. I can’t fathom going through all the examples and problems in TVM, stats, FSA, fixed income, etc. without this calculator. -g

Yep, I agree… So far, I’ve used the BA-II for TVM mainly… have to go through the schweser library on using this one for other stuffs tooo… not sure if everything is covered…