When did you guys start studying for L2?

First of all, good luck to all you L3 boys and girls. You have a summer free of studying ahead of you!

I’m not taking L2 till next June, but wanted some feedback from all of you, since you all passed L2, obviously.

My question is really how much of refresher you need with the L1 stuff? Does the L2 curriculum refresh enough of the material that you need from L1 to be sufficient? Having taken a year off, I’m sure I will forget a lot of the formulas, but that’s just recommiting to memory. Wanted to get some opinions from people who had taken the year off between L1 and L2 as well.

Thx for feedback.

coming here two days before the exam, you got a lot of sack, kiddo

you dont want to be be, 2 days before the exam (level 3), you only got 200 hours in, you actually stopped studying four days before because your saying it does not matter any more, i am going for it, it will depends on what questions get asked, i am just going to chil

start as soon as possible, i can lend you my books if the 2013 books are not out yet… do the first read, eoc, then rest for a few months, at least that way you know what you are against early on. maybe even take one mock.

I suggest starting in early November to allow you enough time to go through the material once, then do a second pass with time to spare for practice exams. It’s a lot of material and you’ll need time to cover it.

ideally, you want to start early, so you can review early. review and review is key

Allow yourself about 1.5x Level I prep.

The first time I took L2, I started studying in February because results for December weren’t released until late January. The second time I took it, I started in September.