When did you start reading?

When I signed up for the CFA lvl1 exam it was in December and I had a bunch of university exams due and many other projects, so I only really started reading in January. I mostly kept to schedule but fell back abour 1 week. I was planning on taking 3 weeks to review but only wound up with 2.

Now I am drilling questions and burning out cus all day every day all I am doing is review questions from the textbooks. My only regret is that I didn’t start doing the readings earlier.

When did you guys(girls) start your CFA readings?

Last week in November. Took my first practice test (full six-hour AM & PM) the first Saturday in April and have been drilling and re-reading since.

First week of January, I am at 450 hours, I have take all the Mocks, going through every single question from the mocks and reading Schweser Secret Sauce (Which is extremely helpfull at recalling some details that i had forgotten)

So what were your daily readings? I started in January and did 30 pages every mon-fri and weekends off. I pushed some readings back to do other work so I only ended up with 2 weeks review.

When did you finish reading it all?

I read 3 hours a day straight everyday from jan 12 until April 1. I am a slow reader plus I wrote detailed notes because it helps me better grasp what I’m reading without dosing off. Plus 1 time a week I did 120 qbanks just to review. The first 3 weeks of April the only thing I did was Schweser qbanks. The I started doing the mocks and secret sauce

started in december but didnt do it daily… some weeks were good, i studied a lot and some weeks i studied nothing at all… but i keep on it… i finished first reading end of april. again first two weeks of may i didnt do much and now in last two weeks im doing a lot of hours… im way above the recommended hours… but still not sure whats gonna happen on 3rd june.

I started at the end of February.

Did you already finish? Also, did you do like a finance undergrad?

I started reading the 2nd week of March-the CFA books went slowly, but I bought the schweser notes and started on those after micro econ-went much faster. I did the Schweser eoc problems, some CFA eoc problems, and Qbank problems after readings.

I finished the reading material probably end of first week of May and drilled Qbank questions, eoc questions, re-read a couple sections I was having problems with.

Just started mocks about 5 days ago. I’ve done 2 so far, will probably do 2-3 more.

Traditionally in Jan after the New Year heebie-jeebies. But fairly flex about when in Jan.

I started reading at the end of February and finished reading by April. From April - May, I watched all the Schweser videos (one video per chapter) and took the LOS quizes on Qbank. Since May, I’ve been taking Qbank Quizes, Mocks, and studying what I get wrong.

I was a finance undergrad. For my job, I had to take 4 accounting tests which covered most of the GAAP stuff in the book. I’ve had to spend my time learning Cash Flow Statement and IFRS (both of these weren’t emphasized for my work).

when i was 5-6 years old i think

Started in early december, was reading forever in spots and finished in early may. Been doing mocks for the past 10 days or so. Not a finance major but a CPA, which actually hurts me because all the IFRS stuff is super counter intuitive when you’ve spent so much time memorizing the GAAP stuff.

Questions > Reading

I started reading late…Probably at the very end of March.

I did a finance undergrad with a lot of focus on equity/fixed income.

I mostly just banged through the readings as quickly as possible and got to EOC/QBank/Mocks to re-inforce the knowledge.

How has CFA studying been vs CPA? I’ve considered getting a CPA if I’m still alive after the CFA.

If you don’t like FRA then your not going to like it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t that passionate about accounting so it was kind of a pain… The CFA is def more fun since I actually wanted to learn about the stuff in the test…

But all tests are the same… you study and put the work in and you pass, if you don’t you fail (for the most part).

I started in December with Ethics, after that I did absolutely nothing until I noticed, that there were only 10 weeks left :wink: I read through all other study sessions, watched the Schweser videos and did Qbank questions in April and May and started to do Mock and practice exams about one week ago. Sometimes I thought I stood no chance but I am feeling quite confident right now as I did well on the last mock exams.

Read about 8 hours per day during my christmas break(the actual CFA books) then tried to get though as much as I could in my free time. I’ve read everything but portfolio management as of now and I can get about a 79% on the practice tests. By Sat I think I’ll be somewhere around 85% hopefully. I would say just do endless schwesser practice problems.

Thats enough time, but if you never want to feel rushed, why not start now? Toward the end I felt like I could have used a few more weeks for problems, but I’m on track now.

Exactly what he said. It is enough time, I did 6 months myself, but starting sooner is always better. When you are rushed, you tend to think about time management more than taking in all the material.