When did you start?

At what age did you start being aware and interested in finance and the stock market and how many years passed until you started your first full time front office job in this field?

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this will depend alot on what you can FO. For instance, someone in PWM might have a client facing role immediately, is that considered FO? Or someone might be work as a sales role for a HF raising money, is that FO? Or the PM that makes the decisions on the fund, what is that?

okay, just general finance job then. I’m curious to see who started early, who didn’t, and how long did it take.

I really got into finance half way through undergrad. I changed my major from kinesiology to Finance and haven’t looked back since… After undergrad, I got a job as an FA (2 years after changing majors to finance) and got my MS-Finance. Started studying for L1 about 1 1/2 years ago after grad school. Taking L3 in one week.

I became interested my junior year of college. Ended up getting a job as a junior research analyst at an investment management firm two years later when I graduated. I worked very hard but at the same time realize I’ve had a lot of fortunate breaks.

I can’t even remember how I really found out about the stock market. I was 12 or 13, 23 now, and I begged my dad to buy me some stock in anything. It just sounded cool to me I suppose. I went off to college with dreams of becoming an otolaryngologist, an ENT, and kept finding myself drawn to the market and finance. So in my junior year I switched from molecular cellular developmental biology to finance. I interned with a boutique IA firm in my junior year and they hired me right out of school.

I was talking to this banker who told me that she started getting into the stock market since middle school.

in junior year when I took a course in merchant & investment banking - @19 now 26. Always had sort of interest in stock market as my uncle is a big investor and have made fortune.

senior year in high school while doing a stock market game in my economics class. I did well in the class and teacher told me economics may be a good major for me in college. I took her advice

In 2001 when I was 17, and inherited some WorldCom stock. You can guess the rest.

My father used to talk to me about it when I was in high school. But I didn’t understand that much except economic parts of it. So, it was actually in my 3rd year of graduation when I ‘started’ to understand the terminology and it’s connection with the ratios.

started job in finance 2 years ago. writing level 2 next week.

sherbeer Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > started job in finance 2 years ago. writing level > 2 next week. Reading comprehension for the win.