When do we get our exam tickets?

I don’t really remember when we got them for L1. Is it in April or May?

Good question. I didn’t get a specific email last year for L1, but a newsletter dated April 30th announced that they were available. got tickets for the show I’m going to see after the exam this morning. They cost 10% of the L2 fees, yet they are in my hand while my exam ticket isn’t. This is some populist B.S.

They released them in May sometime last year. They probably just wait until the last minute just to make sure all of the locations are finalized.

I’m so excited to get tickets to this show!! I mean exam. Well, actually i’m not excited at all. Bollocks.

april last week

my friend has some VIP tix if anyone is interested. you get to bypass the line, take as many bathroom breaks as you need, walk around and get snacks during the test, and get 5 minutes of internet time to google whatever you need.

I heard the dallas cowboys cheerleaders are the moderators at the VIP section. Sounds like a sweet gig.