When do we get the official charter??

I remember my sociIety in Washington DC usually holds some awarding ceremony in November. But I believe you don’t have to appear for that - they can mail it to you. Is that right? Anyone get better insight into this?

I just phone my local society, they said if you attend the awarding ceremony. They will give you another copy of the charter in additional to the charter CFAI mailed it to you. That means you will get 2 copies of the charter at no extra cost. If you do not attend the ceremony, you will only get one copy mailed by the CFAI.

I am still waiting on my work exp. review ? I am not sure what’s to review that it takes weeks and weeks for CFAI. I rather have the local society do a review to speed up this process. Anyone know whe NYSSA holds the cermony ?

Latest I heard is it might take up to two months (could be longer though) - so I am looking at sometime in November. Any update on this?

rsrini4…i’m awaiting NYSSA approval of my work experience. CFAI approved me in 3 days, but NYSSA has been sitting on it for at least a week and a half. I was told that they only meet once a month to review applications. As for the ceremony, I think they are usually late October or November, but I’m not sure NYSSA has one.