When do you plan to write the last mock?

Earlier, I planned on Tuesday, but now feel that need to review more and want to give the best shot, so would write it on Wednesday. I saved CFAI 2012 mock for this and 2 days should be enough to review it.

It would have impact on confidence too, specifically when I’ve been scoring 64% on the previous mocks, it’s so close…though not there yet…

Same gameplan. Originally thought Tuesday would do it, but need one more day reviewing CFAI highlights, especially Vol. 6 Derivatives. So, I’ll do it Wednesday, and review it Thursday. Friday will look at formulae, and that’s it.

Same, writing it on Wednesday. I have done all of vol 1 and vol 2 Schweser mocks finished last one yesterday

I will be doing a mock on way to test center

haha nice, thats dedication. You should do one afterwards also.

Friday. I’m doing mock exam right up and until the very end, so the real exam will feel just as two additional mocks…

did one yesterday and one the day before that. scores are all over the place (ranging from 80% to 65%). Going to get a lot of review in today, take a one last mock wednesday, thursday some light review, friday half day of review and than go for it. firm believer in the last mock being strong to help the confidence.

how many mocks did you guys do?

i did 11 including the sample on the CFA website…

6 so far, wednesday will be 7.

11? full ones? shieeet

writing 2012 mock tomorrow

Do thoroughly review the mock answers especially for the ones you got wrong. Otherwise, mocks don’t help as much!

yes :frowning:

i would do 1 more if I had 1 more but i don’t.

scored between 74 to 88

got 76 in my last one which was CFA 2012 and was quite hard i think

Hey summerside- your scores seem to be pretty solid. I seem to get in the 65-75 range. Got 69 on the CFA 2012 mock. I was wondering, if you have a good strategy to handle ethics, generally end up with 50% in almost all mocks

ethic is my weakness. i always score 3 or 4 / 6

today i will read ROS and Soft dollar again… maybe this will help…

i think 69 on CFA mock 2012 is pretty good, judging from ppl here the average is way under. FRA in AM was just impossible.

where are you getting 11 mocks to pick from?