When do you stop studying on Friday night?

Is it worth to cram questions in until the last mintue? Any recommendations / advice… First timer here. Thanks

i’ll probably study until about 10, watch 1 episode of trailer park boys, and then got to bed. there’s always going to be “one more thing” that you need to review, just go to bed!

I figure it’s 3000+ pages of text, if I don’t know it by Friday morning, I’m not going to know it come test time. I am of the school of thought that the marginal benefit of one more hour of peace and relaxation the night before the exam far outweighs the marginal opportunity cost of another hour of study time.

Yeah, I’m gonna re-read ethics Friday morning one last time, drive to the test site in the afternoon, then maybe catch a movie at night…i might learn one more thing if i studied all night but it’d probably just push something else out of my head anyway…

7:30 Saturday morning

I didn’t study the Friday before the exam and finished in band 10. I regret it. If you are border line I would definitely try to get a few hours in the day before.