When does CFAI start posting candidate resources for Level II?

So I signed up for Level II online and paid, but cannot get to the Candidate Resources page, which is currently blank. Anyone have any idea when they populate the page?

Also, I assume that now I’ve registered and paid the fee I can call myself a Level II Candidate, but if anyone thinks otherwise let me know.

Once you register for Level 2 exam, it takes approximately 24 hours before you can see candidate resource on CFA Institute website. I am registered for level 2 exam for June 2017 and I can see candidate resource on CFA Institute website when I log in.

You right, you are level II candidate now and you can use that on social media as well (that is one of the first thing i do when i pass level II exam, it feels so great just by having that title next to my name on linkedn, and remember, for linkedn, if you are still a candidate, you have to post that title in the education section, not certification).