when does the 2010 CFA Institute Curriculum get released??

pretty new to the CFA process; i wrote level 1 in december 2008 and passed; got crammed down for level 2 in june 2009 and didn’t have enough time to study with doing my Bachelors degree 5 courses and graduating in april, working full-time new job in a new city the same work as people 20 years older than me (risk/portfolio) and doing my US CPA exams; anyways no excuses but think i might have to re-write in 2010; hence it would be good to move away from my use of Stalla/Schweser for level 1+2 and actually use the CFAI books; for peopl with experience of the june exams when does the material get released? is it available after the results get posted in august 18? i dunno how it works since i got my level 1 results jan. 28 and immediately signed for level 2 in jun 09; but now i want to study ahead if possible (FRM/CPA exams still left to do) also in 2009. someone let me know; if i get results aug. 18 and fail then i hopefully can register for level 2 in aug and start studying right away? when does registration for jun 2010 exams start? thanks for the help

The curriculum will be released when the Level 1 results are out. Level 1 passers will be able to immediately register for Level 2 so the curriculum has to be released on that date.

Re-write L2? You shouldn’t have been able to register for L2 without COMPLETING your bachelors. The fact that you were able to was a mistake made by the CFAI (or you lied in your profile online).

thanks for the answer; i was able to register since i had qualifying 4 years of work experience and educational requirements; not even an issue; had 2-3 years of work experience with 3+ years of university; i’m not worried and no did not lie to CFA institute can back it up

I like how your plethora of excuses was followed with ‘no excuses’.

“no did not lie to CFA institute can back it up” I’m not going to verify with the CFAI. Kudos on getting work experience that counts before a degree. most of us had to do that in reverse order.

Last year 2009 L3 was released July 17, 2008

You could have just asked when the cirriculum came out… A lot of boring, useless info in the original post

Bankin’ Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I like how your plethora of excuses was followed > with ‘no excuses’. haha yeah thats what I was thinking

thx for the info; sorry for the long boring posts

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