When does the CAIA level 1 result come out for the this March exam?

anyone know when the result will come out?



Website says within three weeks of last exam day. Website also says last exam day is March 10, 2017. I’ll let you do the math.

Historically, the results have come out before the 3 week date. I’d expect the results out sometime next week. I only studied for 5 days due to an unexpected emergency, but think there is a slight chance I passed. Since its graded on a curve, you’re all welcome.

For the September 2016 exam the results came out on the day three weeks from last exam date at 10:14 am so I would expect similar timing.

Historically results have come out as early as 17 calendar days after the last exam date. We’re on Day 19 today…so any time now. The wait is simply excruciating though.

Results are out…Pass!

Surprisingly, passed with under 2 weeks of study. Highly not recommended to do the same.

I passed

did lower in ethics ,higher in intro to alternative investment and hedge funds, comparable in everything else

Hi, I am new for here… I passed with stronger in almost everything, I think this exam was easier than other mock exams I did as for example the uppermak mock exam.

congrats to everyone!!!

btw: pakwarrior you were a beast congrats

Passed, congratz everyone.

I passed which was a bit of a surprise, I got a 74 on the CAIA provided mock exam leading up to it. I had 4 stronger, 2 higher and a comparable in ethics.

Passed :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats everyone!

, i got 69 in the CAIA mock exam and yet passed

Oh wow, I passed. I cannot find where the breakdown is, can someone tell me how to do so?

Mine was in the email that they sent.

It seems I didn’t get that email. I checked spam folder too. Maybe they send them out in batches.

On the CAIA Webpage you can check it too… exactly in “My Exam info”

I see that page and nothing is clickable, just shows “pass”. I’ll check again in a few days. I’m sure their website is glitching right now with the results being released.


i passed as well. Congrats to all

now on to level 2 - I made the assumption the Wiley third addition text will be the one used for this fall and ordered it.

Congrats Aziz.

I just did one mock (CAIA) and scored 60%.