When I walk out of the test next saturday, its....

… going to feel like the BEST ‘dumpinsky’ I’ve EVER taken! next?

its going to feel like i’ve got DNA test back… AND I AM NOT THE FATHER

…off to McDonald’s. No Kidding.

Negative HIV test.

jimmylegs Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Negative HIV test. "Well apparently in the medicine community, negative means good. Which makes absolutely no sense. In the real world community, you, that would be chaos. " good luck guys. after lvl 3 last year i was so pi$$ed off at the CFAI b/c i felt the exam did not test my knowledge. i was 90% sure i failed. it was terrible waiting for the results as I was preparing myself for the dreaded “Failure”…i did not feel like that after I or II, (I was much more confident)… turns out I did really well in afternoon and went 3/3…

MFE…that test (the morning part that I am able to access) was BS and didn’t test a candidates knowledge IMHO Nice Michael Scott quote!!!

“Thats what SHE said!!!..”

I probably use that line at work 500 times a week. The thing is…it just never gets old.