when is it time to give up!?

I’m feeling like I should switch careers or at least move on to something else (maybe clown college!) ok don’t make fun but this was my 5th attempt (F#%$##@) any thoughts…? any other people as bright as me out there?lol looking to see how many times people have wrote & either passed or gave up…If you passed first time around that’s great! Stats below! just for fun! Level 2: Fail The table below illustrates your subject matter strengths and weaknesses. The three columns on the right are marked with asterisks to indicate your performance on each question or topic area. Item Set Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Alternative Investments 18 - - * - Corporate Finance 36 - * - - Derivatives 36 - - * - Economics 18 * - - - Equity Investments 72 * - - - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 - - * - Financial Statement Analysis 72 - - * - Fixed Income Investments 36 - * - - Portfolio Management 18 * - - - Quantitative Methods 18 * - - We have divided the full group of failed candidates into ten approximately equal score bands. Your score band below shows how your overall score on the exam compares with all other failed candidates. For example, if your reported score band is 1, you scored in approximately the bottom 10% of failed candidates. If your reported score band is 2, your score was within the next band width ranging from approximately the bottom 11% to 20% of failed candidates. If your score band is reported as 10, you scored in the top 10% of all failed candidates. Performance band of your overall score among all candidates who failed the exam: 9

Snoozey, have you thought about where you might’ve gone wrong during your studying process? Are your score a mirror of last years, or did you improve your weak areas but deteriorate in others? Maybe you want to look into taking a prep course or using different materials, just to get a different angle on some of the topics? In any case your determination thus far is admirable and I hope you will take it again next year and pass.

It seems like you messed up on Equity, which was worth 72 pts. Actually, my results almost look similar to yours. However, I got between 51-70 on Equity.

man, that sucks. can i ask a silly question: how old are you? you may understand the material, but your memory may not be so strong so as to remember formulas???

Settle down daj

Well guys & gals! Im 28 almost 29!..I think the biggest problem has been the mass of material. This year I took an understanding approach…tried not to memorize anything…not one formula…interesting failed experiment!! said NO the the infamous schwez quick sheet! This was the first year I took a course; stella, can’t really knock it,I thought the classes were so so (picked up a few things). CD’s were great as well as the weekend seminar was very good. as for comparison of Last yr…also interesting ! failed Quant, PM & equity way too much fringe stuff in equity! Everything else was improved other than Econ not sure what happened there!

big bla Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Settle down daj haha

What’s your email Snoozy?

Not memorizing the formulas was obviously an enormous mistake (and probably why the low score in equity >> overall fail). You can’t say you gave this thing your best shot if you didn’t even memorize the formulas… If you want to pass L2 you need to take this seriously and give it your all. If you are ready to do that, than try again. If not, quit.

snoozey, If I was in your shoes there is no way I would give up after 5 years I would give up. I would be pisssed and would make hell sure I passed next year. Start super early(scew buring out, if you want it, you can do it) I would start no later than November and keep a steady pace. Your starting early so if you find yourself getting tired of it all take a week off and then go at it hard again.

snoozey… i feel you. just turned 29, failed it twice. not feeling too hot about it. lets do this. 2009 is our year.

solution: flash cards. and throw the TV and broad out of the apt for a year. both are CFA killers. ali didnt crush until after his fight. you gotta do the same.

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > solution: flash cards. and throw the TV and broad > out of the apt for a year. both are CFA killers. > ali didnt crush until after his fight. you gotta > do the same. might as well throw out your life while you’re at it. I hear that is a CFA killer too.

5 times, I would give up. But eish, who knows, you have already sunk a resoanble amount of $ in it.

snoozey, not to be a jerk, but you do sound like your not committed to CFA level 2.

this thread has to be joke – his damn name is snoozey!! as in snooze the alarm. oh well, fun while it lasted. if you really did fail 5x on level 2, well, there is always the series 7…

notice that snoozey created his profile in 2006 and in those 3.5 years, has only 9 posts. nuff said.

real deal! cant believe it myself…I guess I was studying (inefficiently!!) instead of posting on forums!..About the whole formula memorization thing…I’m not so sure if that hurt me, most of the stuff in equity, derivs etc just comes down to pv CF (although i think I bombed that equity inflation question), in my extensive exp with level two!!LOL i found that they have been testing formulas less & less instead more concepts…there wasnt even a CF question on equity this yr! That sucked chunks! Stats is an exception ofcourse.

to be honest though every year was not what I would call my best shot or an extremely committed effort…but I did put in A LOT OF WORK into it this year, but I don’t believe should have, could have, would have. Time to move forward in one way or another… Just trying to figure out If I can put another true commitment forward…many comments on this forum have helped.

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > notice that snoozey created his profile in 2006 > and in those 3.5 years, has only 9 posts. > > nuff said. that’s the stupidest sh*t I’ve ever heard…I have like 300 or so posts and have passed every section on lvl 1 and 2 (last dec and this june). Just because you post 30 times a day, while drooling over your rich friends, does not make you any better than someone who does not post a lot… Now I know this may be hard to understand, but he might have a job…you know like a real job where you don’t have the privilege of spending every waking hour on AF.