When is teh best time to start mocks?

When is the best time to practice mock?

I am going through all the material for the second time and will be done at the end of April or beginning of May.

I am wondering if I should start practicing mock a bit earlier in this month (as someone suggested me to do so early to get a feel) or do so after I go over all the materials by saving the last month of May to finish all the mocks and do QBank?

Thx in advance!

4-6 weeks before the test.

Took my first mock the first Saturday of April at L1. I did 7 full mocks (6 full-length Schweser and 1 CFAI Mock) each Saturday in two sittings (9-12 and 1-4). Every Sunday I would review each Q&A in detail, and then during the week I would hone in on what appeared to be my biggest weaknesses in that given test. Rinse, repeat. So if you’re done review, I would recommend having a go at a mock to see where you stand and where you need the most work.

Thx for sharing your experience! But I am not done with review now…will be done in like 4 weeks. -_-


Just curious is the real exam from 9-12 then 1 to 4?

How representative are the mocks to the real exam? Like are Schweser mocks or CFAI mock both very representative to the real exam?

Thx for the reply! I think me too Econ is my weak area. I will start mock right after reviewing Econ then! :slight_smile:


This is more or less my plan of attack. I’m glad to hear that it has worked in the past!

Just curious - how did your scores progress from the beginning of April through the middle of May?

I really like this plan a lot. Since I will have the entire month off before the exam starts, I will try to review the Q&A’s on Sunday. Then spend the next two days studying my biggest weaknesses in depth. Then take a Qbank test, and spend the next two days reviewing my weaknesses on that. Leave the Saturdays to Mock’s and Sunday to reviewing Mocks.

I don’t recall exactly, but I believe the actual exam was more 9-12 then 2-5, but I could certainly be wrong. I just did it to build the endurance as sitting for six hours and answering 240 questions is taxing.

As far as the difficulty, I found the Schweser tests easier than the real exam which was easier than the 2012 mock. Just my opinion.

I liked the idea that the Saturday of the exam was “just another Saturday.” Granted, there was a lot more on the line on that particular Saturday. My scores ranged from (and this is the average across 240 questions for each) 73 to 78, and my CFAI mock came in at 74. I took the CFAI mock after either 3 or 4 Schweser tests for two reasons: (1) because I wanted to take, what I expected to be, the most representative mock/practice test with a little experience under my belt and (2) I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to work on the shortcomings uncovered during the CFAI mock.