When is the AM questions and answer guideline released

I do think it is most likely after our results so that we don’t dispute the result But any idea when it is released? Also if review or rechecking allowed for AM portion

CFA Institute will not entertain any review. The results that you get is final.

And just throwing this out there: can we discuss the AM questions after its release?

We did sign a pledge to not discuss the questions, but if the questions are made public already… :neutral_face:

It’s typically released in December.

And if you pass… you don’t get access to the morning papers at all. It is only for level 3 candidates, not passers. At that point it won’t matter much but after passing level 3 in 2017, I had still been curious to compare my answers vs CFA guideline answers.


I didn’t know. I’ll be curious too. After putting in so much sweat equity, I would need to know!