When is the latest we should take the mock?

The subject pretty much says it all. You don’t want to take it unprepared and bomb, but you don’t want to do it the night before either because you are not going to learn anything between when you take the mock and when you take the actual exam. I’ve been scoring in the low 70% on the Schweser practice tests for several weeks, is now the best time to take the mock or should I prepare a little more before? thanks bros

well i finished the material in April…and then i reviewed everythign throoughly…and im taking my first mock tomorow…im going to try to simulate game day to the second… but i DEFINATELY agree with your sentiment about not taking it right away (after you finish the material)…b/c your just going to bomb and panic…at this stage of the game…panicking would be the worst scenario…i would take the mock once you think you understand the material properly…just in case you dont score well…b/c alot of factors are present…and if you panic…when you actually know the material and just had an off day…you will not goign to study well after taking the mock…

i also finished rereviewing the stuff in late april… i didnt want to take the CFAI mock directly afterwards. well, it really was not available at that time anyway, but even if had had been i would not have done it. instead i am working my way through the schweser practice exams and doing q-bank. i will finish the practice exam vol.2 sometime next week. afterwards i’ll do the CFAI mock. no point to rush here, i agree. one should have a fair understanding of the material already, or else the benefit you will get from doing the mock will not be as much as it could have been, imho. it is the closest thing to the real deal afterall. btw, what is your average time for a 120 question set? i.e. how many time, on average, do you have left to review your answers?

its actually kind of weird you ask chefe_ (if you were asking me lol)…im only doing 60 question sets…im and usually doen at about 45mins-1:15…BUT what i have found is that…there is (for me) a direct correlation b/w my score on the practise exams and the amount of time that i take…my lowest scores have been on exams that ive taken less then an hour on…and highest on the ones that i take approx 1hr-1hr15 on…also i ake them w/o notes…and have been avgign about 67-87%

You should take either the morning or afternoon session now to get an idea of what the actual exam will be like, then take the other session about a week prior to see how much you have improved and what to cram for.

The latest would be whenever you get enough time after the mock to review and correct your mistakes. This process my involve learning new things and some people cannot learn anything new in the last week before the exam. So, it really depends how relaxed you are mentally if you freak out early take the exam early.