When is the Level 1 Result coming?

With butterflies in my stomach, i am just dying to hear about result. I am sure thats the case with everyone here. When is the result coming?

You are kidding right :expressionless:

in 48 hours

@ Skoo84 I kid but not about result :slight_smile: @passme I like your username buddy ! Any fingerscrossed also here :slight_smile: ?

@dontknow1987 - Didn’t you get the email from CFAI that the date is Jul 26? If you did receive the email then confirm they have your correct email address on record. The email account they have on record will be where they will send the results.

hI Another CFA in NYC ! I did get the mail. I just wanted to check whether butterflies in my stomach are in same state as another aspiring CFA in NYC :slight_smile: I should rather rename my username as anotherCFAinToronto :slight_smile: Hope we both get to find that true ! Cheers,

Ahhh…I get it now. Yours was more of a anxiety-based question, rather than a factual one. My bad :slight_smile: Good luck!