When is the result of FRM1 November 2019 released?

When is the result of FRM1 November 2019 released?

According to GARP official site,

this means that you should get your result around January 2nd, 2020.

The GARP email mentioned that results will be delivered no later than 2nd Jan. Based on what i have read, its generally expected around that time

Guys the FRM part I Nov 2019 results are out on the mobile website.

Just checked… Nothing there

nothing there… just checked

Results declared

its out now

Passed , I thought I failed to be honest … It was was very difficult… Not sure about level 2 will look like

Results available online with a letter from the VP, William May and quartile breakdown.

Passed!!! I honestly felt that this exam was so difficult in November - even more than the motherload that CFA level 2 was this past June. There were times during the 4 hour block where I felt like such a fool guessing on answers…

Happy that I passed, since it looks like they updated their curriculum this year - seems like GARP will write their own curriculum from now on, just as the CFAI and others do. I think only part 2 still has the material sourced from 3rd party textbooks and research papers.


Does anyone know what the pass rate was? I don’t see this indicated anywhere on the letter or the quartile breakdown.

Is it normally published separately?

Echo the same. In my view, this more difficult than Level 2. I have honestly struggled the most with Quant (time- series)

Felt quite humbled after the exam. I attempted upward of 80 but ended up feeling that i was guessing too much

Thankfully i passed 1311

Passed both the levels in one go!! Phewww

Passed as I expected with 1-1-1-1!!

Congrats for those who passed and wish the best luck for all.

I am going to take FRM part 1 and I look for your recommendations on the best study material . Shall I depend on schweser, BT or any other recommendations based on your study experience


I would recommend using BT, there practice questions and mocks are tougher than the actual exam, you’ll be well prepared with it. I would also recommend taking schweser mocks if you can, the difficulty is pretty close to that of the exam.