When shall we expect the charter and the gift from CFAI?

Are they going to Fedx it or by ordinary mail?

Or it will be received at the local society recognition ceremony

Do we have to become a charterholder to receive the certificate (register and pay the fee)? And what is this gift that youre talking about?

Not sure though but I think it’s like a package (pen and notebook) in nice box…

I’ll have double check with my charter holders colleagues at office once I get back to work

I meant the physical charter

There is no such thing as a physical charter, what are you talking about? lol

I think he means the actual piece of paper you get.


What kind of pen :open_mouth:

a pen 15

Do i have to pay the fee to get those?

Pen and business card clip in a nice box with the certificate. You need to be a charterholder in order to get this mail. They send it via registered mail. (from 6 weeks to 8 weeks)

Your local society will have a nice recognition event for new charterholders ( from 2 to 3 month).

They should do reference checks and employment qualification before letting us sit for the exam. Seems dumb to do this now, when everyone who passed just wants get on with things.

believe you can do all of the before the exam so if/when you pass, you’re done. Just up to you to get everything submitted in advance.

This is the “physical " charter… it comes in a tube and its 17"x22”, very large

Some people like to frame it…

I’ve had my frame for a few weeks now, custom made and waiting for the charter…

Nice frame … you bought it online ? if so can you please share teh website

6-8 weeks from now, they say!

I ordered mine from https://www.americanframe.com/ . You pick the frame you want, wood, color mats, etc. Just make sure the size is 17"x22"

You can get pre-designed ones with the CFA logo embossed here: https://www.framingsuccess.com/category/detail/sid/2624/categoryID/58771673

HAHA people seriously frame this paper ?

I would assume 90% of charterholders frame their charter… either the large one 17x22 or the small one, 8x11… (yes you get two).

I frame my dipolma and my CFA® certificate.