When should you move onto the next section

I started off with Quant sections (time value of money and discounted cash flows) and understood that fairly easily. I completed the readings in the CFA book and schweser. I also completed EOC questions in both books along with several Q-bank quizes.

I figured i would come back to the probabity because I have a hard time with that.

I moved onto the Financial Reporting and did the same as above. I was averaging about 75% on EOC questions and Q-Bank but I completed the FR section of an old mock exam and got about a 55…

I was wondering what was a good way to know when you should move onto the next book? I don’t want to spend too much time stuck on FR b/c it’s difficult to me and I could spend way too long before moving onto the next section . I was thinking about just moving onto Corporate Fiannace and the rest of the material and then coming back to FR inbetween to review and at the end to really figure out the areas where I had difficulty.

I feel a little stuck and not sure what to do.

55 is normal for first test. make sure you go over all the wrong answers you got and understand what you did wrong. if you have extra time practice qbank for FRA.

once you start doing more exams, go back and redo all the black box + EOC questions for each topic

Josh - this is a great question. Actually I think this can be the difference between pass and fail in some cases… If u spend to much time u may not learn all of the curriculum and if u breeze over it when review time comes you realize you don’t have a base understanding.

This is a tough question. Don’t expect to master the material before the review. You need to understand the fundamentals of the material. I would shoot for CONCEPTUALLY understanding what the material means. Try not to just memorize, memorizing does nothing for come you time to review. It might be 1-3 month before u dive in that material in depth again, you need to understad the concepts.

Before u move on to the next topic, write/type out briefly the topics you don’t understand. Also, 2-3 Sunday’s out of the months I studied, I would take some time to go over areas I struggled with. It can help make those tougher subject easier come time for the review phase.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback. TE600 I think that is a great idea that’s what I was thinking of doing but wasn’t sure.