when should you start doing vignettes and mocks for level 2?

Hi !

I passed the CFA Level 1 exam in December and am now student for level 2 in June. It has been rather tough so far; I finished all the chapters about 10 days ago and did a vignette exam quickly realizing that the level of detail was such that I needed to review all the chapters again. So I’ve been at it till now (currently at reading 26) - going through EOC questions again and reviewing my flashcards for each chapter.

I plan to do mocks exclusively as of May and signed up for 2 mocks here in Zurich plus review session…

Is this an ok method to be ready? or should I do mocks exclusively? I’d be very thankful for guidance!

Hi any comments? I’d really appreciate your feedback

This is one of those questions which doesnt really need an answer. You know the mocks are invaluable revision tool so just smash them out. Smash out the EOCs. Smash out the Schweser’s. Essentially just roll on with questions & repetition and do not worry if at the moment its not clicking. I still feel clueless in many areas and have completely forgotten stuff but if you have passed L1 then you know that eventually it all comes together.

You are in a good position - though that feeling does not go away.

I have completed all EOCs, 2 mocks and 80% of Topic Tests and I still have a similar feeling to you.

I only felt truly confident on L1 the days directly before the exam.

When are your 2 mocks?

Do you have time off work?

Same here, since avr LT rate of passing L2 is about 45 %, hope most of us will board into that train. Just keep doing portal tests and Mocks in final phase (assuming you have done all readings and EOCs so far) and especially watch out on details in those questions. What I learnt, the devil is in details.

I think this a fair strategy for both of us.

I am exactly in the same position as you. I plan on finishing my review by 5th May. In May I’ll alot majority of my time to practice (All CFAI website material and schweser mocks) and reviewing weak areas.

Btw, will they upload one more mock on CFAI website or do we get only one for level 2?

I wish you the best of luck as you sit for this year’s exam.


I am curious what mock are peopel using?

The CFA mock (of course), and I bought one of the Schweser practice exam volumes which contains 3 full exams, albiet slimmed down vignettes. I may also buy Schweser’s standalone mock as it’s apparantly more comprehensive. Assuming I do that, I’ll probably start with 2 of the Schweser practice exams, then do the full Schweser and CFA mock. If there’s time, I’ll also have the final Schweser practice and Wiley’s mocks, although from my experience last year, Wiley’s mocks leave a lot to be desired.

What do you mean for Wiley mocks? Should I just get them or not?

They’re decent for practice, but the vignettes aren’t very involved. I did them last year and didn’t really care for them or the online software application Wiley delivers them with.

I’m doing the schweser ones… is there a way to do the cfai ones in writing? Thanks for all your feedback