When the interview says "You just me the best answer so far"

I had an interview with a company a few days ago, and the interviewer told me that I gave the best answers to him, compared to other candidates before me. Do they actually mean it? Or do they say it just to make me feel good about my answers?

they have no reason to bs you unless you aer a hot damme.

are you?

When I interview, it would be odd for me to not hear statements like that.

so you think they were serious?

why do you think that’s the case? is it because you’re a good interviewee most of the time?

There’s no reason to lie about something like that unless they have some alternate reason to flatter you (in which case, they will likely flatter you at many other moments too).


He wants your butt.

Probably serious.

What do you mean?? Who was serious??

The interviewer was probably serious. Graciously accept the compliment if it happens again. Good luck!

Okay. Thank you. The interview was on last Thursday, but I still haven’t heard back :frowning: Is it a no??? (It was the first-round interview…)… maybe I am over-reacting…hahaha

All those interviews are bullshit anyway, they probably already made up their mind in the first two minutes of meeting you unless you totally mess up the questions. And he was probably being serious.

He first asked me “What do you know about our company”, I gave him the answer, and he said “The best answer I got today”. Then the second question was “What’s your understanding about this particular role”, I gave him the answer, and he said “Again, the best answer I got today”. These two all happened in the first two or three minutes? Do you think this is good? please!!! I want this job so bad lol.

Were you interviewed early in the day?

In any case, Thursday to Monday is not much time. If you don’t hear back by Friday, then start wondering.

No I was the last interviewee among 8 interviewees… it was at like 5pm. They told me that they might do interview with another school sometime this week…

the correct move is to fax them a thank you letter along with a copy of your trump donation card.

and promise to make the company great again.

do you have the cajones?

Um. Don’t read too much into this…


interviewee response: lets use verbs now, buddy also the interview can speak? that’s amazing. I wonder what the interviewer thought about all of this.

campus recruitment is a crapshoot, but probably the best crapshoot you will be a part of. keep applying to jobs and stop wondering.