when the Qbanks will be available?

Does anybody know the available dates of Qbank for finquiz and schweser? Don’t want to pre order.

Which qbank is better anyway?



I ordered the schweser notes, but heard so many good things about the finquiz and was also able to get 60% discount so i got them too, Im planning to have finished the readings by january so i can just do practice probleems untils exam day

Can you please let me how did you get 60% discount for finquiz? on their website I can only see 20% discount…

That discount was only till July end, or thats what the mail said… You should register on their site and they will send you mails regarding promotions, discounts etc

Yeah, the 60% i got it in July, but if you order before August 21 I think you get 3 free mocks, still a good deal

thanks for the info guys!!! will keep an eye on their promotions…

And if you guys are really keen to start practising, I suggest you take old schweser EOC questions. Obviously got to make sure you dont do stuff which are changed this year!

Give analystnotes questions a try as well. I found their FI/Economics extremely helpful and hey they are free by the way :slight_smile:

Missed out! :confused:

how many questions in the finquiz qbank?

can anybody tell me if it is a better choice than swheser? thanks.

Aboud 5000