When to check the results email

How will you check the results email? I’ll personally wait until I’m home from the office and then check since I’m feeling a bit more confident than last year…

Last year I didn’t have the courage to check it until the Friday after so that I’d have the weekend to recover from the (probable) disappointment.

I’ll wake up in the morning, turn on my cell phone and simply check it up ))

I took the day off for LII and LIII result days. I was either going to drink myself silly in celebration or despair. Luckily it was celebration both times.

I’ll probably have couple of drinks while refreshing my email

I will check at the end of my work day at home, with a liquor bottle by my side.

Already took the day off, planning to have my first mimosa at 8:30am, refreshing both my drink and email frequently throughout the day

Guys, I don’t understand all this your special planning for checking up the exam result. It’s just a certificate. It’s just a test. Actually, nothing will change in your life significantly if you pass or fail. Just relax and open email from CFAI as soon as you get it )))


I recently asked the question what is the difference between passing LII and LIII for job opps. and people said not a lot. But the more I am looking into things, the more I see job openings, the more I see “CFA designation strongly preferred” or “Meaningful progress in CFA program desired”. Additionally, I have seen nearly all of front office research staff including managers at some money managers that ALL have charters or LII, LIII candidates.

So while a pass on LII may not significantly change anyones life, it does mean you are one step closes to having a charter, and that appears to have weight.

I fully disagree. Redoing L2 would be a pain in the ass. Just the thought of putting in another 150-300hrs to study the same material all over again makes me want to down a bottle of vodka.

Not to mention waiting for 10 months to give it another shot. Give your head a shake!

I assume most people check on their phones… so when you open up the mail, whether you want to click on it or not, the first couple lines of preview will give it away anyway right? Last year I was debating how I was going to open it, but then when it came the first line of the preview was “congratulations” so it it was kind of like a surprise pulling the tooth on 2 instead of 3.

Generally, it is easier for recruiters to put someone who has completed level 2 up for an interview than someone who just registered in the program. I had this happen to me when i met a recruiter who told me this. My friend who completed the CFA program had a lot of overseas and local recruiters contact him after he added CFA after his last name on LinkedIn. At the end of the day it is only an exam, but to say nothing will change would be incorrect. Personally, i just don’t want to study for L2 again haha.

You might as well start checking it now, and then every 5 minutes until the e-mail arrives.

Just to be safe.

We are already doing this. And you know it :slight_smile:

Strongly going to second this. Y’all acting like a bunch of school girls about a damn email. Open the thing. Go to work. Order a champagne at lunch. Kick ass. rinse, repeat.

This school girl is going to kick ass regardless :smiley:

You go glen coco!!

It will be late in Australia when the email arrive.

Here its afternoon, so in the office :slight_smile: