When to hold fire on résumé- new relationship

Will keep this short and sweet. Recently connected with an alumni that’s a PM (quite the anomaly considering UG).

Nonetheless, they work for a smaller shop and offered to pass on my résumé. Is there a benefit to waiting? As of now I’m not sure how much incentive they have to endorse me. Will be meeting them in person within the next month. Thanks, all.

I dont get the problem. are you trying to say your resume isnt that great and you don’t want to risk looking bad early on?

Thank you for your note. No, my résumé is good.

However, I did not know if it would be more beneficial to build the relationship more first. Based on your reaction if they say ‘send me your résumé’ there’s no reason not to

u should blow him after getting the job, not before. is that what you mean by building a relationship

if the guy literally said to send it, then send it. I’m puzzled why you even thought otherwise. did you think it was a trap?

Waiting might be worse, as it might signal you’re not grateful for the leg-up he offered you. His mood may also change and he may not feel so benevolent later on.

I’m sure he’s a busy guy, don’t keep him waiting.

You should send your reusme now but make sure you really impress them when you actually have a chance to meet.

My guess is that the resume is just a check to make sure he knows what your background is and if it would be appropriate to take any further steps with you. My guess is that he’s predisposed to meet you, the resume will just be to identify potential talking points and how close you are to the profile of someone who could potentially work in his firm or industry.

Go ahead and send it. Finance people tend to be about seeing things and making good decisions quickly, so don’t slow him down.

Don’t be tardy when someone offers to help. if you make them wait they may feel like you dont’ need it.

The guy probably already forgot him 2 minutes after they met.

You’re right. What was I thinking…

Delete. Double post

Yes- didn’t know if they said it because they felt obligated. Appreciate the advice, nonetheless

Appreciate it

mumi/bchad/mk17- thanks all. Insightful as always