When to move on to next topic

Hi all, Was hoping to get some feedback on something: Like a lot of you, I’m at the point in my study schedule where I am supposed to be done FSA and moving on to equity. (same pace as the online class @ schweser). I have made it through all the FSA material, and am actively doing problems, Qbank etc. I’m doing ok at the FSA, but not as well as i’d like. (It’s been said that it is hard to pass L2 without doing well on the accounting.) I’m assuming i’m not the only one with the following dilema: Do I continue to hammer out FSA until I am completely comfortable and fall behind in my self imposed schedule? Or do I move on to equity (also hugely important), and leave the rest of FSA to my review phase. (I left 1 month at the end of my study schedule for review, practice exams etc.) Any thoughts are appreciated.

Move on and come back to it at after you are finished with everything else.

move on and come back to it when you review… especially since you have a month to review… thats what i am doing also… however i did get bogged down on the emerging market reading for about 4 days and i still cant grasp it… i dont know why it is like i have blinders on when i read it…

i’m doing everything in layers. read the summaries at end of chapter for everything. then read the schweser quickly for everything. then read the schweser much more slowly for everything… and this doesn’t take that long as it isn’t that information-rich (CFA readings are another story). and i’m not really slowing down for calculations or tricky points. so at this point, i think i’ll have all the low hanging fruit, which apparently is pretty good % of exam. then i’ll go back and backfill tons of stuff (tricky stuff. calculations). at this point (next 3-4 days), i’ll have tons of time to learn all the formulae by both rote memory and perhaps following along on the derivition. i think doing every reading in detail as your first step has three problems: 1) will get you very frustrated and panick-y if you can’t grasp something. and i did try that route and i do would find sections that i just couldn’t absorb and it would bug me. better to save those a week you take off work or something; 2) so many sections are similar and it will get you very confused. better to do 35,000 feet then 10,000 feet; 3) if you have to simply rote-memory something because you can’t grasp it or it’s badly explained, better to do it in last couple of weeks before exam.

I’d say move on to finish reading the other stuff and go back if you have the time. No point sacrificing other important components just for FSA

and of course as from your studies on l1 you would remember a lot of stuff is cumulative so reading something else would a. help reduce the tedium in your study b. make a “it all comes together” moment occur in the other study session. cp

I agree with cpk. There were parts of FSA that I understood better after reading about equities.

i am reading all the schweser with no questions. got end of derivatives, synethesis chapter of FSA, all of fixed income and portfolio management to do. then go through material, study and answer questions. go back where dont understand. then in may, just questions, questions, questions we’ll see and i’m a returning candidate.