When to start doing mocks?

Wondering, when is the right time to start doing mocks?

Do understand, that it depends on the person and the current preparation. In my case thinking to start around 35-40 days before the D-DAY.

Is this time too short?

What is the best way to get the most out of doing mocks?

Really the earlier the better. However, if you’re not ready for them than there is not much a point in doing them earlier.

No 1 mistake people make generally is not getting enough practice doing long complicated problems.

One really ought to start tomorrow (April 1).

My strategy is that i do one mock 2 months out so i get an idea on my weaknesses.

Afterwards, I review notes for the next 30 days concentrating on remembering the small details and the mechanics of the knowledge. 1 day per study session x 2 cycles.

After that’s done, i spend the last 30 days on 7-8 mocks + rereading ethics, straight memorization sections such as corp governance, and finally, studying only the questions i got wrong.

Worked very well for lvl 1