When to start ?? Its damn threatening now. :-(

Cleared Level 1 in august, almost 3 months of fun (which is still on), just decided to visit analyst forum and 300hours.com to realize what level 2 is about. After reading the 10 commandments, and few posts of people who have actually started their preparation from CFAI notes as well as other guides, I am seriously getting worried about the 3 months I just wasted.

And its just worrying me a lot now about the preparation, the difficulty level, the time needed, etc. Experts, suggest the course of action i should follow… I have ordered for the schweser books, which i guess won’t be delivered before december.

Is it fine to start the preparation in january?? Any other suggestions are welcome. Please comment!!

most ppl start in jan/feb…you have still some time left

Hey abab1990, good to see you here again.

I’m no “expert” but I think it depends on your circumstances. A lot of people doing CFA seem to not have jobs or aren’t working very long hours, or have/don’t have families,etc.

I work maybe 45-50 hours a week, have a wife, 2 year child, and another due in 2 weeks. Because of this, I started studying about a month ago using 2010 Schweser material. I’ve finished Derivatives and Corp Finance so far and feel that if I keep up this pace, I should be done with the material in time to have 10 weeks of review for 2nd pass + practise exams.

My main motivation right now (as was for L1) is fear of failing. I feared failing L1 and passed, but L2 I’m now really scared. I want to spread out the material and pain as much as posssible.

Good luck with it mate and see you around the L2 forum.

@CleverCFA: Thanks bro!! Yup, I have loads of free time as I am pursuing my masters. Will start anyday now. Nothing much to do. Lol

And all the best for your next child!! :smiley: Hope u have the cutest one!! :smiley:

If you have loeads of time to study, and assuming you don’t learn at a below average pace, then starting in Jan is not an issue.

I think it’s important to remember who visits these forums and posts. People who are currently studying. So yes you see a lot of posts of people who have already started, however those who have not (and I have a feeling based ont he people I know who are doing the CFA) at this point probbaly far outnumber those who have.

That having been said, the ealier you start the better, I like to ease into it, first I dedicate every sunday, and then slowly add some weeknights too after work, that way it’s not such a huge change.

Good studying to all. :slight_smile: