when to start joining societies, etc?

hey L3’ers good luck to you all on your upcoming results. I just passed L2 today and was wondering when you guys started joining societies, getting your work experience approved, etc? I bet i might have to argue a bit on my work experience. Was just curious if I should’ve done it already, should do it now, wait til I pass L3… when do most people typically do it?

If you have 4 years then join after you take the test if you do not then why waste the money

Just called the CFAI and this is the way it works: 1 - Register for Level 3 1a - In process you fill out work exp. 2 - Ability to get 2 sponsors now 3 - Once 2 sponsors fill out form, they begin evluating work exp. 4 - Takes them 6-8 weeks to evaluate and the approve work exp. up to today’s date 5 - get an e-mail giving you the ability to join the society (not obligated). It’s an option so you don’t pay out of pocket unless you join, and you should probably not join until after getting 4 years of work exp and passing level 3. 6 - that way you get most of your work exp approved before hand and you at least know where you stand.

If your organization would pay for membership then it is worthwhile joining early as there are discounts to local chapter events and others can look you up as a member so there are networking opportunities. I would definetly get the process moving as it does take a lot of time before they approve you for membership.

Would you join where you currently work or where you want to work?