When to start studying and where to take CFA

I am a CAIA and an FRM and I want to take the CFA Level 1 exam in December 2010. I’m currently working and I’m planning to start my studying in late August or early Sep. Do you think I still have enough time? Given that CAIA, FRM and CFA have overlaps I assume that 3 months would be enough for me. Another concern is where to take the exam in the US. I’m nearest to NY but I think NY would be the busiest exam site so I’m considering Miami or Boston. Please let me know your thoughts guys!

When? => ASAP, you will need 4 months to sure pass, especially you are blessed to have a job during the day. There are a lot of materials to digest for L1. Where? => Personal preference, wherever is convenient to where you live or where you will travel to e.g. business trip, or visit family and friends. Busy exam site should not be a factor to affect your exam. All major financial cities worldwide are always busy and crowded. For June 2010, NYC was sure busy to have 7 exam sites, as well as Toronto (6,000+), London UK (5000+), Hong Kong (5000+), Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris, Frankfurt, etc. No matter how busy they are, you still have enough space to write inside a convention center. The people beside you may even all no-show and you have a nice 10 ft radius of empty space that no one around you, like in my case.

thanks for the reply whui. I have moved the topic to the General Discsussion.