when to start with CFAI sample exams ?

Fellow candidates

When would be the best time to start buying and taking the CFA sample exams? You can do them once, and I am far from ‘prepared’ yet. When are u guys taking them? any re-takers with good advise?

I always take them 1 month to 3 weeks out, and around 3:18 CST, while drinking green tea. For the full mock I switch to coffee.

in level2 i never took them. just weren’t prepared enough to take them. also don’t like doing questions behind the computer. I like to write on paper.

Retaker here, and the best day to take them was yesterday. Can’t start early enough.

I would start working the morning exams as soon as possible. I don’t know about the online sample exams…I took the Level 2 sample exams last year and found them demoralizing and not helpful…

i usually have 3 weeks to 1 month before the test, when i take my first mock. right now i’m right on schedule and will take around the first week of may.

Men, this shit is hard! I went through all the stuff, and did some recap here and there. just downloaded the 2012 CFA essay sample. And now I would like to kill myself. Starting to panic here. Is it me, or is this shit hard as hell! Try not to demoralize but I how can I absorb so much text before June… you feeling me?


You downloaded the mock or sample?

Sample means the one which buy right?

Oh sorry, overwhelmed by the bitch… it was vicious. But indeed, I meant the sample 2011 essay, which u can download for free from the CFAI institute site. Have you taken it ?

MOCK is free not sample. Yes we all have MOCK for 12. Just wondering whether anybody bought the sample 2012?

I thought you DL sample so asked.