When to take CFA?

When do you guys take CFA? I am thinking of taking it right before graduation, but it will definitely affect my GPA. I am concerned that when working time comes, I will be a lot busier and can’t think about CFA no more…

Serious guys usually take and pass CFA Level 1 before they graduate.

When did you take it? For guys who take it before they graduate, how do you guys study for it? Is it during the holidays or not? How does that affect your study? Thanks in advance!

I took it my last year of undergrad. I was doing an Econ/Finance undergrad so the majority of the material was not new to me. I didn’t find it too difficult to study both undergrad and level I at the same time. School ended for me in April anyways so still had all of May and a week into June. Good luck

Last year of undergrad is a vacation, studying for the CFA was a beast. It sucks when everyone is a the bar and your at home reading some crap about ethics or so. It should not really affect your GPA, CFA makes more disciplined to plan ahead and do schoolwork earlier.

So you guys study the majority of the materials during the vacation? I am pursuing an undergrad degree in finance and accounting, but there are several materials which I have not specifically gone deeper in my uni, such as derivatives and fixed income. I have 2 more years to graduate, and I really hope by then I will have completed Level 1. For those of you who study right before you graduate (fresh from uni), how long did it take for you to master the materials?

Most people in my program, 1 month to 6weeks max. If your doing a finance undergrad seriously you do not need much time. But that is going to be 1 month that will suckass, 6 hrs studying a day after school yuck. Yes we all studied during the vacation time fo sho. You will take derivatives in 4th year, well you can. Fixed Income is not a huge section of level 1.