When we pass L3 (confidence), will you take up a hobby ??

Since I dont have kids yet and dont plan on doing any more major studying/scholalry pursuits i will still have some free time. I was thinking of the following 3 activities/hobbies to take part in : -Taking an auto mechanic class at enarby community college to learn some stuff I can apply to my car opposed to going to mechanics. - Photography courses -Scriptwriting courses

i like the auto mechanic class.

I could organize a course in partying if you’re interested.

I will be getting involved with more charities…

Start looking for a job in Dubai, NYC, Chicago, London, etc… and move from private client and wealth management into corp. finance and institutional money management…given the mkt, that will be a taks and a half so that should keep me busy for a while.

I’ve already started learning Mandarin so I can get my family to where the REAL money is to be made this century.

I was thinking of amybe big brother program, but i would hate to get involved and then drop out due to unexpected increased workload. is there any charities I dont have to “committ” to, but take part/volunteer when i can beased on my schedule

I started skydiving this weekend. I have a few friends who start the same time last year and have been going at it solidly since then. It’s expensive to start up but once you have completed the training and got some gear then it aint too bad.

I’d like to take auto mechanics, massage therapy and drawing classes. But most likely I won’t get a chance to do that for a few more years.

flying lessons. just for a private pilot with VFR, nothing crazy.

Peace Corps

I’ll continue my education in diving, guitar and french. I restarted going to the gym yesterday. And I would like to spend more time with my nephews.

You know, the CFA program was (being optimistic with the tense here) pretty hard and really took a lot in terms of suffering and personal sacrifice. But I think we may have all gained a new perspective and appreciation regarding our free time.

Flying lessons, great idea. theres a small regional airport near my house that has $99 introductory classes, but every other week i hear of these small planes crashing so it kind of scares me. I was also thinking scuba lessons, in a pool to learn. every time i go to caribbean i do some cool snorkeling but i never get a chance to do scubaiing. i think i will get lessons for that for sure !

Mandelbrot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’ve already started learning Mandarin so I can > get my family to where the REAL money is to be > made this century. You will be dead by then. You only have five to 10 year to live :slight_smile: How was my queen doing over there? I am king speak three languages (something like French, Creole, English and a bit spanish). I have told my Chinesse Friend, I will never learn the Mandarin in a zillion year. THat think is too hard. Beside, they will not give me a Job. They got 1billion + folks to feed over there :slight_smile: No disrespect, I am just saying.

We have to face facts: it’s the Chinese century. America/Europe is in terminal decline. If i can’t do business in Mandarin, i’m going to struggle.

I always had hobbies, CFA got in the way of spending a lot of time on them for a few years. Hopefully I can get back to them for good this year.