When will the Level II results be released?

CFAI said it will be out in two months. But which day? How about last year? Thanks.

I guess July25-27

Late July. It was the 26th last year.

It sucks to wait that long, I can`t imagine Level 3 waiting another month… The suspense must be agonizing, especially being so close to the end…

yep, 7/26 last year… about a month sooner than i was expecting it. so figure 7-8 weeks.

I would imagine it to be a Monday again so I would expect 7/25. 50 days! ughh

I guess 25/7 they will release official date soon anyways

I thought it was always exactly 60 days after the exam?

No, it’s within 60 days of the exam, could be less.