When will you do your 1st practice exam?

I’m targeting April 15th. I’ll probably do Schweser first and save the Mocks for later.

April 11, Saturday prolly…

Wow, I wasn’t planning on doing mine till May 1. I was going to use the rest of the month to finish off concepts and starting May 1 to do Book 6, samples, and Moch till game day

I guess it depends on how you plan to use your practice exams. Do you want to use them as a tool to find out your strength and weakness? If so, you should do them early. Or do you want to use them as a benchmark for your expected performance on the exam? If so, you probably want to do them later to get a more accurate assessment. I aim to finish my 2nd read together with all CFAI questions by mid April. So I probably would start QBank first, then gradually move into Book 6. I probably do selective sections in Book 7 only (probably the big 3: Ethics, FSA, Equity), as I heard Book 7 isn’t a good model of what to expect on the actual exam. The CFAI mock exams serves as a better model, from what I heard.

I’ll do my first Book 6 on May 2. And throughout the month I will finish up all Book 6 + CFAI Samples + Mocks.

I was aiming for mid-April, but I want to be through my second run of the material first and I don’t think that’s going to happen. I haven’t decided yet if I should just go ahead and take it then to see how much work I have left or to wait until I make my second pass. Definitely want to take it by the first week in May at the latest.

I will read ethics this weekend and then start doing qbank massively and hope to complete one to two of book 6 exam by end of april. then may will be devoted to more qbank, book 7 and the cfai mock exam.

May 16 maybe May 23 most likely

May 1- CFAI sample… hoping for a 60, praying not to see like a 45 when its over

Hoping to do the first exam in book 6 sometime the last week in April…planning to start the first CFA sample middle of May…

May 16th is the BSAS’s pratice run. May 30th i’m going to do the CFAI exames.

CFAI exams last week of may, maybe even first week in June.

CF_AHHHHHHHHH Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > CFAI exams last week of may, maybe even first week > in June. LOL, to your user name that is…

I’m in exactly the same boat as Aimee. Again, like a tard, I waited until the last minute, so I’m cram city until the test…shooting for April 18th to take the first book 6 practice test.

I’m shooting for the 1st week of May.

I am on my second run . prob will finish it by 10th. Planning to take the first exam after that

nodes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This weekend ! Same here…I have been reading Ethics all this week and will be finished up tomorrow morning. I will take my first book 6 test on Saturday afternoon and then start reviewing my weak areas…some of which I already know include: Alt Assets Some Derivatives stuff Some Port Management I am starting taking the practice exams earlier this year than I did last year for Level 1 and am actually hoping to get through Schweser book 7. I will hold off on the CFAI mocks until May. best, TheChad

Cinco de Mayo!

You guys are all done the curriculum. You people are machines…

Just starting PM, the CFA readings look long, but I like the subject so hope to get through it in the next week, then a quick one week review, then first practice exam around April 20 or so. If I get a 50% I’ll be happy.