When will you guys start studying?

I plan to start studying and reading as soon as I receive my CFAI books. I want to do it at a pace and not have to cram material all at the end. How about you guys? Are you waiting for the Schweser books to come out in october? How about a Skype study group for L2, now that its still early do you think it would be a good idea on the weekends review stuff?

me too … probably say Aug 1st to have a nice round date.

Prob this weekend, start with Schweser material.

I need to research which 3rd party study materials to buy. I used Schweser for L1 and it worked great, but I’ve heard it’s not as useful for L2. I’m going to go with a no expense spaired for L2, videos and all. Even if I spend $4k or whatever on training material it will be worth it for hopefully not failing L2.

As far as time frames, I think I’m going to aim to start mid september, mayber early october. I want to pace myself but also a little worried about burning out which happened for L1 (I was just sick of it by the last month).

I pre-ordered schweser, but only notes,videos,qbank and exam. Im going to study w. CFAI books hardcore and the use Schweser as a supplement. I want to do the EOC questions many times. I also have read that the finquiz Qbank is way more similar to what we should expect the question style to be in L2. I have read that the qbank from schweser is not good because its written in L1 format so its only good to refresh material. So i dont know there is a deal in finquiz to buy the Qbank and 3 mocks for the price of only the qbanks, i think i will add them because this time around I want to do a million practice problems and the EOC from the CFAI i want to do them until i can get them memorized.

I’ll probably start reading the CFA Level II Ethics (found on the CFA website for free) until I get my CFA books. I did the same with level I and by the time I got the CFA books i’ve already finished reading the Ethics wich was a great starting point and advantage. I’ve pre-ordered the Shweser Self Study package although I noticed last year they had this special $1 Early Study option where they posted the first 2 books, if I recall corectly on the site, I know Quant was posted for sure as I was done with it right after Ethics.

Be careful about burn out if you start so early…the early bird does not necessarily get the worm.

Started in late January last year, will probably start in December, mainly to keep from burning out and I got some other stuff to do for now.