When will you start? (for those who haven't)

Three questions: 1.) For those who haven’t started yet, when do you plan to start studying? 2.) When did you start studying for Level I? My answers: 1.) March 15th - the first day of high school track for my fiancee (a coach; not a student, obviously) 2.) April 14th - a bad decision on my part. I was only able to get through Schweser book #2. Apologies in case this has already been posted 683,636,754 times. I haven’t been on here in a while…

  1. March 20th, a few days to reminisce about the double St. Paddy’s days, then time to get to work; also have to write the two CSC exams by the 19th 2. April 6th. Read through the first 5 CFAI books (officially worked through zero problems, all memorization) and skipped derivatives… ended up being one of those guys comparing results asking, how the hell did i pass

I was definitely one of those guys too. I only studied ethics, quant, and econ and passed. No practice problems. I put in about 20 hours and still passed. I think I coasted on the fact that I graduated recently (one year before the exam) and have good exposure to a number of the key subject areas in my workplace. But I have a feeling that I’m in for a rude awakening if I don’t get more serious for Level II.

What’s the third question?

When I wrote the two other questions, I forgot what the third was going to be. Either that or I can’t count…

I started studying about a week ago. Planning on finishing Book 2 tomorrow. I started for Level I right around April 15th of last year and had to bust my ass to pass.

Thought it would officially be today…perhaps tomorrow?

wow…I feel so much better (and worse) having read this post…for those of you who passed Level I without having to study for 3 months…What the F&*%^%?!! How the hell did you pull that off…and if you did…welll…you can take it easy on L2 for a while I say…Party your heart out! Let geeks like myself (who started about a month ago) slog our asses off…only to TRY and squeeze into the damn 40% who make it!!!