When you finish a reading, realize there are like 50 EOCs and kinda freak out.

lol, Anyone else? It first happened with Capital Budgeting (R21) when I was going through Corporate Finance and saw there were 50 EOCs. Now its happening again as I go through Quant and noticed there are 45 EOCs for Multiple Regression. I now have a spreadsheet with all the # of EOC questions for every reading so I can be mentally prepared beforehand, lol.

Seriously though, each question at lvl 2 is 3 minutes. 50*3/60= 2.5 hours. Throw in another hour for reviewing answers/being slower since the material is new and you’re at 3.5-4 hours on the EOC alone, not to mention the reading or blue boxes. And if you are watching videos and/or notetaking like I am, it adds up to a huge chunk of time.

Should I really do every EOC and bluebox on the first pass of the material? Thoughts?

Whether or not you do them in your “first pass” is up to you, but by exam day I’d highly recommend having completed all EOCs and most, if not all, BBPs.

Yep. God blessed feeling like a galley slave rowing. Maybe, even more noticeable on L3 EOCs.